A basic Content Management System.


This module brings CMS (Content Management System) capabilities to your ABP application.

  • Provides a page management system to manage dynamic pages with dynamic URLs.

  • Provides a blogging system to create publish blog posts with multiple blog support.

  • Provides a tagging system to tag any kind of resource, like a blog post.

  • Provides a commenting system to add comments feature to any kind of resource, like blog post or a product review page.

  • Provides a reaction system to add reactions (smileys) feature to any kind of resource, like a blog post or a comment.

  • Provides a rating system to add rating feature to any kind of resource.

  • Provides a menu system to manage public menus dynamically.

  • Provides a global resources system to add global styles and scripts dynamically.

  • Provides a dynamic widget system to create dynamic widgets for page and blog posts.

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This module is free and open source. The source-code is available at

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