OpenIddict UI

User, role, claims and permission management.


This module provides complete integration and management UI for the OpenIddict package. OpenIddict aims to provide a versatile solution to implement OpenID Connect client, server and token validation support in ASP.NET Core applications.

ABP OpenIddict integration supports the code/implicit/hybrid flows, the client credentials/resource owner password grants and the device authorization flow.

ABP OpenIddict supports Entity Framework Core and MongoDB out-of-the-box and custom stores can be implemented to support other providers.


Application Management

The module provides a page where you can add or edit your applications.

Application management

Application edit window provides detailed management for an applications.

Application edit


Just like roles, an application can have a granted permission list. You can set an application's permissions from the application list page.



Scopes are identifiers for resources that a client wants to access. This identifier is sent to the OP during authentication or token request. You can manage your scopes within the scopes page.

Scope management

You can add a new scope from the following window:

New scope You can edit the existing scope:

Edit existing scope

Login Features

In addition to the management features above, this module provides the necessary UI and backend logic to make your application an OpenId Connect server with consent UI, redirections and other discovery and authentication endpoints.

Database Providers

UI Frameworks

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