Startup Templates

Startup templates make you jump-start to your project in a few seconds.

Application Template

Application startup template is used to create a new web application.

UI frameworks options;

  • MVC (Razor Pages)
  • Angular
  • Blazor NEW

Database provider options;

  • Entity Framework (Supports SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and others)
  • MongoDB

Following modules are already included and configured in this template:

This application template also supports tiered architecture where UI layer, API layer and the authentication service are physically separated..

See the developer guide for technical information about this template or go to the live demo.

Developer Guide   Live Demo

Module Template

You want to create a module and reuse across different applications? This startup template prepares everything to start to create a reusable application module or a microservice.

You can support single or multiple UI frameworks, single or multiple database providers for a single module. The startup template is configured to run and test your module in a minimal application in addition to the unit and integration test infrastructure.

See the developer guide for technical information about this template.

Developer Guide