LeptonX Theme for Your Admin Dashboard by ABP Platform

You deserve a good UI and a better UX. LeptonX Theme by ABP is here to serve it.

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Lepton Theme

Simplified menu

You can easily find the page you are looking for by filtering the menu

Menu Filter

Your favorite pages at your reach

Easily add or remove the page from favorites by clicking the star icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Breadcrumb for seamless switching

Using Breadcrumb, you can switch to the pages at the same level with one click, even when the left menu is closed, and it works on tablet and mobile responsive!


Your menu as you wish

Customize the directly clickable icons and dropdown boxes on the user menu as you wish. The user menu is completely customizable for your needs

User Menu

RTL support for your language

LeptonX Theme supports RTL for your language. The language options are in the settings menu for you to change the language.


Your colors on your admin dashboard UI

LeptonX Theme works according to your system preferences and has dashboard light theme, dashboard dark theme, and dashboard semi-dark theme options.


Easily arrange your content width

Easily change the width of your content area.


LeptonX Theme is compatible with

Mobile Responsive Template

Mobile Responsive Template

Access your LeptonX admin dashboard from any device you like.

It is designed for you to easily use in every device of yours. It is responsive on mobile devices and tablet sizes.

Top Menu Layout Option

Top Menu Layout Option

If you would like to set up your website with the same admin dashboard, it is possible to do it with LeptonX Theme!

Just try the LeptonX top menu layout to make it happen!

Customizable Colors

Easily customizable for your brand colors

You can customize the LeptonX theme using just a few SCSS variables. No overriding, no extra CSS load!

With LeptonX, you can arrange your admin dashboard however you like.

Independent Layout

Independent layout and content area

LeptonX's layout infrastructure was designed completely separate from the content.

This means that you can freely design your project with a content structure other than Bootstrap if you want.

Integrated Libraries

Most used libraries integrated with LeptonX

LeptonX contains your most used libraries. It allows you to use libraries such as ApexCharts, DataTables, DropZone, FullCalender, JSTree, Select2, and Toastr effortlessly.

LeptonX also supports MVC Angular and Blazor-specific libraries.

Create and customize the pages you need in seconds with LeptonX custom pages

By using LeptonX Theme you also have access to many pre-made HTML pages. These include many pages such as login page, blog, FAQ, subscription list, invoice, pricing, and file management.

Lepton Theme for your admin dashboard by
ABP Platform

Lepton Theme is still available and will be maintained. If you want to switch to LeptonX Theme as a Lepton Theme user, you can see the documentation to learn how-to.

Admin Dashboard

Lepton Theme is compatible with


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