Microservice Development Training

8 hours Advanced

Content of Training

Microservice architecture is a design pattern that composes a system into small, independently runnable services that are easier to develop, maintain, scale, test, and deploy. The ABP microservice template already provides a running system with management features like SaaS management, user management, permission management, etc. We will discuss the decisions taken to handle management complexities and security measures. Learn how to customize and configure them. Examine how the ABP framework helps you tackle the most common microservice complexities like inter-service communications, distributed transactions, etc. Understand the tooling provided by the ABP template for a smooth and fast-paced microservice development environment. Explore the deployment accommodations and the ways to customize and extend the provided docker and Kubernetes deployment solutions. If you want to learn how to take your application to the next level using the ABP framework, this course is for you!

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Microservice Development