User Interface
API Gateway

Microservice Startup Solution

This is a complete solution architecture that consists of multiple applications, API gateways, microservices and databases to build a scalable microservice solution with the latest technologies.

You can get it for your next microservice system to take advantage of the pre-built base solution and distilled experience.

Pre-Integrated to popular tools

The solution is already integrated to the industry-standard tools and technologies, while you can always change them and integrate to your favorite tools.

Docker RabbitMQ Elastic Search Prometheus Kibana Grafana Redis Microsoft SQL Server Kubernetes Helm

2 Web App with 2 API Gateways

The solution contains two web applications, each one has a dedicated API gateway (BFF - Backend For Frontend pattern).

Back Office Application

The actual web application of your system, with multiple UI framework options. You can create any kind of business application.

Landing Website

A generic landing/public website that can be used for several purposes, like introducing your company, selling your products, etc.

Multiple UI Options

We love different ways to create the User Interface. This startup solution provides three different UI framework options for your business application.

Angular MVC Blazor

Single Sign-on Authentication Server

The solution has an authentication server application that is used by the other applications as a single sign-on server with the API access management features. It is based on the IdentityServer.

Single Sign On
Application 1
Application 2
Application 3
Application 4

Multi-Tenancy for your SaaS Business

ABP Commercial provides a complete, end-to-end multi-tenancy system to create your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) systems. It allows the tenants to share or have their own databases with on-the-fly database creation and migration system.