ABP Suite

ABP Suite is a complementary tool to ABP Commercial.

ABP Suite allows you to build web pages in a matter of minutes. It's a .NET Core Global tool that can be installed from the command line.

It can create a new ABP solution and generate CRUD pages from the database to the front-end. For technical overview see the document

Fast & Easy

ABP Suite allows you to easily create CRUD pages. You just need to define your entity and its properties and let the rest go to ABP Suite for you! ABP Suite generates all the necessary code for your CRUD page in a few seconds. It supports Angular, MVC and Blazor user interfaces.

Rich Options

ABP Suite supports multiple UI options like Razor Pages and Angular.It also supports multiple databases like MongoDB and all databases supported by EntityFramework Core (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, and other providers...).

The good thing is that you don't have to worry about those options. ABP Suite understands your project type and generates the code for your project and places the generated code in the correct place in your project.

Source Code

ABP Suite generates the source code for you! It doesn't generate magic files to generate the web page. ABP Suite generates the source code for Entity, Repository, Application Service, Code First Migration, JavaScript/TypeScript and CSHTML/HTML and necessary Interfaces as well. ABP Suite also generates the code according to the Best Practices of software development, so you don't have to worry about the generated code's quality.

Since you have the source code of the building blocks of the generated CRUD page in the correct application layers, you can easily modify the source code and inject your custom/business logic to the generated code.

Cross Platform

ABP Suite is built with .NET Core, and it is cross-platform. It runs as a web application on your local computer. You can run it on Windows, Mac and Linux

Other Features

  • Updates NuGet and NPM packages on your solution easily.
  • Regenerates already generated pages from scratch.
  • Creates new solutions
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