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ABP Commercial is a set of premium modules, tools, themes and services built on top of the open source ABP framework. ABP Commercial is being developed and supported by the same team behind the ABP framework.

ABP framework is a modular, themeable, micro-service compatible application development framework for ASP.NET Core. It provides a complete architecture and a strong infrastructure to make you focusing on your own business code rather than repeating yourself for every new project. It is based on software development best practices and popular tools you already know.

ABP framework is completely free, open source and community-driven. It also provides a free theme and some pre-built modules (e.g. identity management and tenant management).

ABP Commercial adds the following benefits on top of the ABP framework;

  • Professional UI themes
  • Enterprise ready, feature rich, pre-built application modules (e.g. Identity Server management, SaaS management, language management)
  • Tooling to support your development productivity (e.g. ABP Suite)
  • Premium support

Visit the following link, for more information

Once you purchase an ABP Commercial license, you will be able to create unlimited solutions like described in the Getting Started document.

When you create a new application, you get a Visual Studio solution (a startup template) based on your preferences. The downloaded solution has commercial modules and themes already installed and configured for you. You can remove a pre-installed module or add another module if you like. All modules and themes are used a NuGet/NPM packages by default.

The downloaded solution is well architected and documented. You can start to develop your own business code based on it following the tutorials.

You can try the demo to see a sample application created using the ABP Commercial startup template.


There is no product or solution limit. You can create and develop as many different applications as you can.

ABP Commercial licenses are per developer. Different license types have different developer limits. However, you can add more developers to any license type whenever you need. See the prices page for license types, developer limits and additional developer costs.

You can always add new developers in your same license type (see the "How many developers can work on the ABP Commercial?" section). You can also upgrade to a higher license by paying the calculated price difference.

Depends on the license type you've purchased:

  • Team: Your solution uses the modules and the themes as NuGet and NPM packages. It doesn't include their source code. In this way, you can easily upgrade these modules and themes whenever a new version is available. However, you can not get the source code of the modules and the themes.
  • Business/Enterprise: In addition to the Team license, you are able to download the source code of any module or theme you need. You can even remove the NuGet/NPM package references for a particular module and add its source code directly to your solution to fully change it.

Including the source code of a module to your solution gives you the maximum freedom to customize that module. However, then it will not be possible to automatically upgrade the module when a new version is released.

None of the licenses include the ABP Suite source code, which is an external tool that generates code for you and assist to your development.

See the pricing page for other differences between the license types.

In addition to add new developers to your license, you can also change the existing developers (you can remove a developer and add a new one to the same seat) without any additional cost.

You don't have to renew your license subscription. If you don't renew your license;

  • You can not create new solutions using the ABP Commercial, but you can continue to develop your existing applications forever.
  • You will be able to get updates for the modules and themes within your MAJOR version. For example; if you are using v3.2.0 of a module, you can still get updates for v3.x.x (v3.3.0, v3.5.2... etc.) of that module. But you cannot get updates for the next major version (like v4.x, v5.x)
  • You can not install new modules and themes added to the ABP Commercial platform after your license ends.
  • You can not use the ABP Suite.
  • You can not get the premium support anymore.

You can renew your subscription if you want to continue to get these benefits of the ABP Commercial. There is a 20% discount when you renew your subscription.

  • If you renew your license within 1 month after your license expires, %20 discount will be applied to total license price.
  • If you renew your license after 1 month from your license expire date, the renew price will be same as license purchase price and there will be no discount for your renewal.

For now, ABP Commercial doesn't have a trial plan. For the Team licenses we provide 30 days money back guarantee. You can just request a refund in the first 30 days. For the Business and Enterprise licenses, we provide 60% refund in 30 days. This is because Business and Enterprise licenses include the full source code of all the modules and the themes.

Yes, we accept bank wire transfer. Our bank account information is:
  • Bank name : Turkiye Garanti Bank
  • City/Country : Istanbul/TURKEY
  • Account name : Volosoft Bilisim Ltd. Sti.
  • Account number : 1295 9072739
  • IBAN : TR770006200129500009072739
  • Currency : USD
  • Address : Bakirkoy, Istanbul


When you create a new application using ABP Commercial, all the modules and the theme are used as NuGet and NPM packages. So, you can easily upgrade the packages when a new version is available.

In addition to the standard NuGet/NPM upgrades, ABP CLI provides an update command that automatically finds and upgrades all ABP related packages in your solution.

ABP Framework itself is database agnostic and can work with any database provider by its nature. See the data access document for a list of currently implemented providers.

ABP Framework itself is UI framework agnostic and can work with any UI framework. However, startup templates, module UIs and themes were not implemented for all UI frameworks. See the getting started document for the up-to-date list of UI options.

One of the major goals of the ABP framework is to provide a convenient infrastructure to create micro-service solutions. See the micro-service architecture document to understand how it helps to create micro-service systems.

All the ABP Commercial modules are designed to support micro-service deployment scenarios (with its own API and database) by following the module development best practices document.

We provide a sample micro-service demo solution that demonstrates a micro-service architecture implementation to help you to create your own solution.

So, the short answer is "yes, it supports micro-service architecture".

However, a micro-service system is a solution and every solution will have different requirements, network topology, communication scenarios, authentication possibilities, database separation/sharing decisions, runtime configurations, 3rd party system integrations and many more.

The ABP Framework and the ABP Commercial provides infrastructure for micro-service scenarios, micro-service compatible modules, samples and documentation to help you to build your own solution. But don't expect to directly download your dream solution pre-built for you. You will need to understand it and bring some parts together based on your requirements.

You can download the source code of all ABP modules and themes with ABP Suite. Click Modules menu item and you'll find download links for each module. You can also add the module as a NuGet package.


If you made the payment using 2Checkout, you can refund VAT via your 2Checkout account:

  • - Log in into your 2Checkout account
  • - Find the appropriate order and press "Refund Belated VAT" (enter your VAT ID)