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This module is used to create Software as a Service (SaaS) applications based on a multi-tenant architecture.

  • Allows to manage tenants where a tenant is a customer of your application.
  • Allows to create editions where an edition can have a different feature set of your application then assigned to the tenants.
  • Features can be assigned to editions as well as individual tenants.
  • Provides an elastic database infrastructure: A tenant can have a separate database, some or all tenants can share one or more databases.


Tenant Management

Tenant page is used to manage tenants in the system.


Tenant editing modal:


Manage the tenant connection string:



Edition Management

Editions page is used to manage the editions in your SaaS application:


An edition is sometimes called as a package for SaaS applications.

Feature Selection

Feature selection for a tenant or edition.


  • A feature is a value of your application provided to tenants.
  • Once you define your features, they will appear in this UI, so you can arrange features per edition or tenant.
  • The tenant will have all the features of the edition it belongs to while you can customize it in the tenant level.
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