Text Template Management

Edit text/email templates on the user interface.



This module is used to store and edit template contents for the text templating system of the ABP framework. So, you may need to understand it to better understand the purpose of this module.

There are different use cases of the text templating system. For example, the Account Module is using it to define templates for sending emails when it needs to send emails to users (like sending "password reset link" email). This module provides UI to easily edit these email templates.


Template Definitions

Text Templates page is used to view the list of templates defined in the application.


Template Contents

Template Contents page is used to translate your Text Templates to a new language or update contents.

Inline Localized Contents

This kind of templates uses the L function to perform inline localization. In this way, it is easier to manage the template for different cultures.


Multiple Page Localized Contents

This kind of templates provides different content for each culture. In this way, you can define a completely different content for a specific culture.


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